Memoir of a Time Traveler

The year is 2160.  Interstellar flight is common, space stations are as busy as 21st-century airports, and extraterrestrials inhabit Earth.  And the Chicago Cubs still haven't won the World Series since 1908.  Fed up, two Cubs fans use a time machine to travel back to 1908, recruit (okay, kidnap) two players off the last championship Cubs team, and bring them to the future to help the Cubs finally win another World Series.

This hilarious plot to get two ringers into a World Series game that's already been played, in hopes of reversing the outcome so that the Cubs win, involves two actual Cubs players from the 1908 team (Joe Tinker and Orval Overall), and two memorable characters from the future, whose witty banter and devotion to the Cubs will endear them to all baseball fans.

The haplessness of the Cubs over the years has won them millions of sympathetic and loyal followers.  They may well be the most beloved sports team in America.  And whether you're a fan of the Cubs or simply of sports in general, this book may be your best and only chance of being there when the Cubs finally take the Series.

From the Back Cover...

"The fate of the Cubs determines the fate of the World: This is an obvious and wonderful idea, and I only wish that I'd dreamed it up first."--Robert Reed, Hugo Award winner
"1908 meets the 22nd century, Cubs style.  Are you sure this is fiction?"--Gene Wojciechowski, ESPN and author of Cubs Nation
"Tickles both mind and funny-bone without letup, right down to the suspenseful last page--or should I say inning?"--Daniel Pearlman, author of Black Flames
"The sheer enthusiasm of the storytelling propels the reader through this book, regardless of how much they might think they don't care about baseball, or books about baseball."--Charles de Lint, World Fantasy Award winner